About us

Who are we

Founded in 1947 Rodina Haskovo JSC and the people working for the company benefit from many years of experience in the production of machines and equipment for the food industry.

We have carried out many and various projects in this country and abroad. The company prides itself on having received twelve first prizes at international fairs, such as Golden Leon and World Quality Commitment.

What we do

The principal activity of the company is to design, manufacture and construct machinery and equipment for the Food Industry.

The sun never sets over the zone of our deliveries, stretching to Kamchatka in the east and to Chile in the west. Our production finds its use in the wine-making, brewing, milk and meat processing industries, as well as in other sectors, connected to food and beverages.

What we do best?

Our products are not any worse than those of the renowned companies, in terms of production capabilities and quality. Choosing our products has the advantage of saving you time for delivery, assembly and putting into service. Through many years experience we have learned to attain our goals working to deadlines, at fair prices, avoiding pitfalls that might present a challenge for others.

For the company and our partners

We produce machines and equipment for the food and beverage industry. We can, with the aid of leading specialists, produce and deliver complex projects, according to the standards of Bulgaria and the European Union.

Our experience in Bulgaria is vast, gathered throughout the many years of work, and our markets spread in the near and far destinations. We have worked, we work and we will continue to work extensively not only for Eastern, but also for Central and Western Europe. Our production finds its place in the manufacturing facilities of small, middle-sized and large enterprises in many countries: Romania, Turkey, Serbia, FYROM, Greece, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France.

We can help You!

The reorganization of existing plants as well as with the construction of new ones, consultancy as well as design, manufacturing, delivery, assembly and putting into service, or direct delivery of machinery and equipment from well-known and established European producers.